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Chemical Reactor
The final products of a chemical reactor are affected by various properties including internal temperature, pressure and life-time of catalyst. External temperature and moisture are also important factors when external air is infused in the reactor. INEEJI’s AI Guidance Predict learns the AI models with variables inside and outside of the reactors. The AI prediction system accurately predicts important target variables including amount of the product, selectivity rate and conversion rate. This AI prediction makes it possible to operate the chemical reactors in the optimal condition.
Boiler of Power Plant
A boiler of coal power plant is affected by the types of coals and characteristics of incombustible coal ash. The ash eventually is built up as a clinker which prevents the heat exchange between the air in the boiler and the water in the tube. Monitoring the internal status of boiler is also important since the changes in the boiler may change the amount of pollution such as Sulfur Oxide (SOx) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). INEEJI's AI Guidance Predict predicts the changes of thousands of temperature sensors simultaneously with operational variables (e.g., electricity generation, coal types) and sensor inputs such as temperature, pressure and flow. Thus, electricity generation can be maximized with reduced pollution.
Electric Arc Furnace
The efficiency of electric furnace will be affected by the quantity and type of scrap. Melting scrap can be expensive when excessive amount of electricity is required to melting the scrap. INEEJI’s AI Guidance Predict learns an AI model to predict the required amount of total energy (electricity) by considering the type and amount of scrap, oxygen provided, internal temperature and consumed electricity. Thus, the proper amount of electricity is calculated and predicted real-time to prevent excessive electricity is provided. Customers could save expensive electricity bills by maintaining the high quality of product.
F-INEEJI Index Prediction
Predicting the changes of indices of important (leading) markets is important to prepare the future investment. INEEJI’s F-INEEJI Index Prediction service is based on the deep temporal neural networks developed at INEEJI. The service learns the relationship between the index of interest and other causal or mutually related financial variables. The accurate state-of-the-art AI models provides accurate prediction of indices.
F-INEEJI Stock Prediction
Predicting the future changes of important stocks is important to maximize the investment outcome. INEEJI's F-INEEJI Stock Prediction service provides accurate predictions based on the deep temporal neural networks. Moreover, the service provides the reasons of decisions when the neural networks model predicts a specific change (e.g., 5% up) of the stock. Thus, the customer may verify that whether the outcome of AI system is consistent with the prior knowledge/belief of individual investor. Moreover, the service notifies the customer when the stock change unexpectedly. Thus, it is possible to prevent the customer making invest in the risk market.
F-INEEJI Commodity Prediction
Predicting the future prices of commodity including raw material (e.g., oil, coal, copper, nickel) and base products (e.g., naphtha) since many companies should purchase the materials continuously in their operations. INEEJI's F-INEEJI Commodity Prediction service provides the accurate prediction of price changes of such commodity by learning the relationship between the price and other variables such as indices and currencies. The AI service helps the purchasing team making the proper decision and saving the cost of operation by purchasing the goods as lower price as possible.
Success Stories
Our solution is successfully to predict the conversion rate of catalyst in the reactor of PO (propylene oxide) plant less than 0.1%.
AI systems based on Ineeji’s technology are currently monitoring 4 units (Dangjin 5-8 units) at Korea East West Power.
Explainable AI systems based on Ineeji’s technology are currently applied to two blast furnace for steel making procedures in the POSCO Pohang plant.
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