We believe that personal growth is directly related to our company’s growth.
To accomplish this, we support all members with various opportunities to learn and grow.
We are looking for experienced members
INEEJI AI Research Center
AI Engineer
ㆍDevelopment of time series prediction service based on artificial intelligence (based on Python/TensorFlow, etc.)
Deep learning model development and analysis
Understanding and design capabilities for new deep learning model for recognition and prediction tasks
Ability to implement models based on understanding deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow/Pytorch
Ability to leverage languages such as Python/C++/C# for troubleshooting
Preferred skills
Master's or higher in artificial intelligence (or equivalent)
Experience in research and development of artificial intelligence
Practical experience in manufacturing processes such as chemical, power generation, steel, semiconductors, etc.
Experience in AI Contests
We are looking for junior members
INEEJI AI Research Center
Entry-level Developer
Developing and operating time series analysis AI engines and Web/App/Backend services
Planning and upgrading new prediction services
Analyzing time series data to derive the insightful solutions
Code optimization and revision
A person who loves development and is willing to grow
A person who is very interested in artificial intelligence and time series data analysis and prediction
A person who actively raises, shares and solves issues
A person who is active in discussion and respect his colleagues
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