INEEJI, a company specializing in process optimization AI prediction solutions, is leading the establishment of manufacturing efficiency through AI that ‘knows the process well’
Date 2024.04.29View 782

Jae-cheol Kim, professor at KAIST Graduate School of AI, director of the 'KAIST

The development of artificial intelligence technology is causing a revolution in the industrial field. Among them, AI application in the manufacturing industry has established itself as an important factor in raising the productivity and efficiency of companies to the next level.

INEEJI (CEO Jaesik Choi), a company leading this trend, is leading innovation in the industrial field through recent explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)-based manufacturing process optimization technology.

INFINITE OPTIMAL SERIES™, an industrial AI prediction and control solution, focuses on understanding the complexity of the manufacturing process through process data analysis and predictive modeling and improving manufacturing yield through process optimization.

INEEJI's AI prediction and control solution does not just utilize sensor data from the manufacturing process, but also reflects a deep understanding of the process and the work patterns and process know-how of production site operators in the AI ​​model to not only make AI predictions but also automatically control facilities. It is characterized by providing up to.

INEEJI, which is expanding its base in the field of manufacturing process optimization as a company specializing in We will participate in the 'AI EXPO KOREA 2024' and introduce 'Cloud AI EEJI [E:JI]', a general-purpose cloud-based generative predictive AI solution.

INEEJI's newly introduced 'Cloud AI EEJI [E:JI]' can selectively utilize four services according to user needs: AI Model Generator, Explainable AI, Commodity Index Forecast, and Prediction API. Through this service, customers can directly check the high forecast performance through INEEJI's forecast model, and the explainability of forecast results provided in a visualized form, raw material price change forecast and demand forecast, and artificial intelligence through the function of providing linked APIs. It can be used to develop its own services.

Meanwhile, INEEJI, founded in 2019, is an industrial AI prediction solution company that realizes process optimization in the manufacturing industry (steel, cement, glass, chemicals, power generation, etc.) based on its self-developed explainable AI engine. Through the XAI prediction solution INFINITE OPTIMAL SERIES™, INEEJI have proven the effectiveness of quality improvement and uniformity, productivity improvement, and energy cost reduction for major domestic manufacturing companies.

In particular, INEEJI was exported overseas through a pilot introduction contract with a Japanese company at the end of last year based on the experience and performance of major domestic steel companies' electric furnace process, continuous hot dip galvanizing process (CGL) in heating furnace, cement calcination furnace, and glass melting furnace optimization project. took the first step. It was selected as one of 11 global startups hosted by SoftBank and Aichi Prefecture's StationAi to secure a base in Japan, and participated in the 'Korea-Japan Startup Cooperation Forum' hosted by the Federation of Japanese Economic Organizations in Tokyo and the Korea Business Association to promote startups from both countries. We are also working hard to expand the market in Japan, including discussing expanding the base for Korea-Japan industrial cooperation through cooperation.

In addition, INEEJI participated in the 2024 Hannover Messe 2024, held in Hannover, Germany for 5 days from April 22nd to 26th, and introduced excellent AI predictive control solutions from Germany to the global market beyond Asia.