Jaesik Choi, CEO of INEEJI, “We will provide the most accurate AI prediction service in the world”
Date 2024.05.22View 333

Jaesik Choi, CEO of Ineasy.


“We provide a factory version of digital transformation and autonomous vehicle operation, which leads to operational efficiency. “We are striving to become a company that provides the most accurate forecasting service in the world.”

Jaesik Choi, CEO of INEEJI, said, “The era of creating and utilizing customized AI models by using artificial intelligence (AI) engines is approaching.” He added, “I believe that we will not only provide information but also change the world by utilizing AI engines.”

INEEJI is a company that provides AI prediction services. CEO Choi founded INEEJI in 2019 after working as an adjunct professor at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and an associate professor at UNIST (Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology). He is currently an associate professor at the AI ​​Graduate School at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

INEEJI's AI solution 'Infinite Otimal Series' includes △automation of data preprocessing △extraction of causal relationships between key predictors in the manufacturing process △prediction of process multivariate time series data △optimization of time series prediction model △AI explanation for manufacturing facility prediction and process performance optimization, etc. It is core technology.

This technology has made it possible to improve productivity, reduce raw material and energy costs, and operate AI-based flexible processes, and is being used in various manufacturing and industrial fields.

Specifically, in the steel field, we provide AI solutions for optimal heat control of blast furnaces, electric furnaces, and heating furnaces, optimal heat control of calcination furnaces for cement, chemical reactions and optimization for petrochemicals, and boiler operation optimization for power plants.

By collaborating with various companies, the annual contract volume (ACV) growth rate reached 37% as of September last year.

CEO Choi said, “There are a variety of companies that operate solutions through AI, but Ineasy has become an example of operational optimization,” adding, “The strength is that it is the only company that can achieve results with AI-optimized solutions.”

CEO Choi said that there is a lot of demand for AI engines using Ineasy data. He said, “ There is a demand for no-code (a work technique that allows you to develop applications and software without coding),” and “I think we will go in the direction of creating an engine that allows users to set and change their own settings.”

He continued, “We are planning to advance into fields such as games, distribution, and logistics. In particular, prediction of raw material prices is very important, and we can optimize it through Ineasy solutions.”

INEEJI has entered the Japanese optimized market and secured sustainable growth. In the future, we plan to expand to major global countries.