INEEJI improves quality by monitoring chemical, oil refining, and pharmaceutical processes
Date 2021.11.09.View 91

2021 4th Industrial Revolution Power Korea Daejeon

INEEJI (CEO Jaesik Choi), which means 'Artificial intelligence (AI) that benefits people', is an AI company that has been showing rapid growth since its founding in 2019, receiving calls from leading domestic companies.

With the goal of breaking away from research that only follows developed countries and challenging the world's first AI technology, Ineasy's research team is partnering with large companies in the domestic oil refining, chemical, power generation, and semiconductor fields under the slogan 'the world's most accurate AI prediction service.' It is a growth innovation company.

INEEJI introduced the 'INFINITE OPTIMAL SERIES™', which enables general-purpose optimization and fault diagnosis in the heavy and chemical industry with intensive know-how in time series data analysis technology. Among them, 'INFINITE OPTIMAL MES', an optimized solution in the chemical, oil refining, and pharmaceutical fields, is a production management system monitoring AI that has already been applied to the chemical processes of major domestic oil refining and chemical companies to improve product quality and increase production.